is christmas really in two days...?! I have been so busy, i feel bad that i am not more in the christmas spirit. last night nate and i stayed up late watching home alone 2. definitely one of my favorites! it got me feeling more in the spirit. this last month has flown by. i turned in all my big projects and had finals with school and now i'm back to working full time. it's hard to feel like i'm taking much of a break because I just work. i didn't take any pics at thanksgiving, but it was really fun. my favorite part was the ping pong games. i also think it is really neat that nate's family holds hands before we eat and sings a song-still don't know the words, but i like doing it. this was taken over thanksgiving break. i guess i need to take more pics..ha hopefully over christmas.
some things that i'm really grateful for this time of year:
1-My Savior, My Redeemer
2- A way to find happiness
3- Nate

p.s. sorry for not commenting lately on everyone's blogs, life has been so busy, i'll get back on that! Merry Christmas!!


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Jan you are gorgeous! Ping pong is a thanksgiving tradition with Dan's family too. I love it. Hope you two have a Merry Christmas!

McKell said...

i can't believe christmas is so soon either!!! usually i'm all into it but i haven't even put all the decorations on our tree, let alone do anything else "christmas-y". Hope your guys holidays are great!

Blake and La-Shana Francom said...

I'm not really in the Christmas spirit either since we have been so busy! We're not making it back to Utah until Sunday and we're wanting to see you guys...possibly Monday night?? Blake will text Nate though. Have a Merry Christmas! We miss you guys! Xo

Stephen & Aubree said...

I'm in the same boat Jan! It's hard to get in the Christmas spirit when life gets so busy. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas though! Enjoy the time away from work :)

Colt 'n Tami said...

U 2 are cute! ok, so we came over to your mama's house last Thursday night we saw jade, jackie, CUTE CUTE Bella, Jonny & his cute wife... where the heck were you! haha! That's from Colton by the way! haha! How's school? you're soooo almost done.. YAY! Where are you wanting to teach? I heard you were wanting to intern? HOw fun what a great degree! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you TWO Love birdies!!!!!