this trip was a blast. my brother john decided to come last minute which i was so grateful for, it was nice to chat and he drove home for us in a terrible snow storm. i would not have been able to make it on my own. anyways, it was so fun to be with my brother justun and his family. these boys were hilarious and are always fun to play with. 4 yr. old heath was the photographer, really he took more than half of these photos. meet ollie. i don't have a picture of just me and quinn but i held them both pretty equally. here are both of them. i could not get enough of them. john & quinn, me and ollie. it was so fun to stay up late, play games, and eat such delicious food. i love my growing family!


jeff & mal said...

That looks like so much fun Jan! All those boys are so cute!

Stephanie said...

Those babies look good on you and Johny I think you two need to get some of your own. ;) So cute and love their little names.