Days 6-9

So I'm combining a few to get caught up! And yes I'm skipping day 5, I've never been one who has quotes I just love.

Day 6-20 Things I love(no certain order)
  1. my hubby
  2. cycling
  3. working out-weights, running, swimming, tennis..etc.
  4. family time
  5. vacation
  6. sleeping in
  7. weekends
  8. lake powell
  9. ocean/beach
  10. california
  11. jazz games/new york giants games
  12. music/playing piano
  13. le tour de france
  14. holiday's
  15. my religion
  16. my camelback water bottle
  17. mint chapstick-i could not live without this
  18. food!
  19. clean sheets
  20. reading a good book

Day 7- Photo that makes me happy(this is currently my desktop background at work.)
Day 8- Photo that makes me angry/sad- I miss this kid a ton!!

Day 9- Photo i took-one of my favorite spots we camped at in lp

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