Days 3 & 4

Favorite TV Shows:
Not a big TV person but I do have a few that I don't usually miss.Pathetic I know-but I've probably only missed two seasons since this show first started. Not sure why I like this show so much but I do.
I also love all sports. NFL season, Jazz games, tennis, golf, playoff baseball, it's all great.
I love to read. I of course like sappy love novels, sometimes with a little mystery thrown in. I absolutely love this book. Of course I love cycling and Lance is my favorite. But even if it ends up being that he used steroids-he still beat cancer when the odds were so small and he has a great passion for life. I love this fun little series and I really loved the movies too.


Sam said...

I love teen mom!!!!!

Chelsie said...

I love teen mom as well. Carson makes fun of me.

Jaime Williams said...

Hey I loved the traveling pants series... I always thought I was the only one!!