Day 23-29

This is long, school has taken over my life...
Day 23- You tube video- Maybe you have all seen this video. It is pretty great-although I didn't like it at first, but once I found out he was making money I was was all for it. HERE is the link.

Day 24- Where I Live- Good ol Provo UT. I actually really like it here, although I wouldn't want to spend my whole life here. It is really pretty and we are at most one minute away from either entrace to the freeway at Center Street. We love our apartment and our location!

Day 25- My Day in Great Detail
Well my days just changed with school added to the picture...so here's a little sample.
7:10 Wake up, get ready, eat breakfast
7:30 leave to school
8-11:50 School (oh and did I mention my first class of everyday is 2 hrs. 50 min long!?! shoot me already)
11:50 Leave school, drive to work
12:05-5 or 5:30 Work
5 ish Drive home
The rest of my night varies, I usually eat or fix dinner right when I come home, sometimes work out, do homework, read, sometimes watch tv.
9-10:30 go to bed
Well that was fun.
Day 26- Week in Great Detail
Monday-Thursday See above
Friday- I don't have school on Fridays but I usually have appts. plus I'll be going to the school most fridays anyways(education program=very busy). But then I'll go to work at 12, leave at 5. Friday nights vary-for example, last weekend we went out to eat and then to the byu women's soccer game. We usually do something pretty fun. :)
Saturday- SLEEP IN!! I sometimes ride my bike, clean the house and then just do whatever.
Sunday- Chruch at 8:30- ya you read that right. Sometimes I hate it but most of the time I love it because we are done at 11:30 which is so nice, plus our ward is great! We usually hang out for a little bit and then hang out with Nate's fam and have sunday dinner-always a good time.
And then somewhere during the week I usually see my parents or at least my mom which is always great. Our weeks are usually pretty crazy and we love the weekends!
Day 27-Worst Habit
I'm a procrastinator-no need to go into detail...ha
Day 28-What's in my Handbag/Purse
Can I just say I hate carrying these things around, I have never liked them, no matter how cute they are. I hate always carrying something. But it is pretty much a necessity. I carry my wallet, mint chapstick, mascara(because yes I do my mascara on the way to school in the morning or when I get there-bad I know), glasses, ipod, cell phone, gum, writing utensil, snacks(i always have something to eat in there), and floss(i hate having anything stuck in my teeth). I usually have other junk in there at any given time-like bills or other things.
Day 29- Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for the next 365 Days
I hope I can do good in my first year of the program. I also hope Nate can do well in his school(which I'm sure he will)-at about this time next year he will be taking the LSAT(law school). And I hope we are happy and healthy.


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Glad you guys are staying busy and having fun! I just got a bike, and Dan and I have been biking almost everyday. It's so much fun! Your purse sounds almost exactly like mine...dental floss is a necessity! Good luck with school this semester.

Stephanie said...

So I didn't know what all these Days were until I went back and read what you were doing. I was so confused! Cute idea!