thanksgiving point

i always have a great time with these cute boys. i took a day off of work two weeks ago or so and we went to thanksgiving point. we walked through the dinosaur museum, ate lunch, watched a 3-d movie, and explored the rest of thanksgiving point. there are so many things to do! handsome boys.
rory likes to take pics with me. we took quite a few. after this one i looked at my camera and started cracking up at this face he made. he looks so hard-core.

all in all what a great day!


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Cute! looks like the perfect day for little boys!

jeff & mal said...

So fun Jan. That sounds like a blast to relax for a day. And you look so gorgeous! We need to see you guys soon!

Emz said...

OMGosh yay I'm soooo happy.

Look at you!! Love the wedding photo!!

Can't wait to follow you and YOUR journey!!

Jaime Williams said...

My sister in laws and I just took our nephews to Boondocks!! It was super overwhelming and a good reminder why I'm not a mom yet!! Looks like you had a fun day!!