mini cheesecakesssssss

I have been making these a bunch lately. I had two showers that I had to bring desert too and this was my go-to item. Although last night I was wishing it wasn't my go-to item after making 60 of these suckers. Thought I would share because they aren't too hard to make, they make a great presentation, and wow they are good.
These actually all looked pretty bad when they were cooling and I was getting worried. They sunk a lot, not sure why. But whip up some delicious whip cream and it makes everything better. I could eat spoonful after spoonful of this, and I did. Add some fruit and wala, not to shabby.

Here is the recipe if anyone is interested. But honestly, next time I make these I will probably look for a new one just for fun, even though I'm not sure if these can get any better.


-Tyson & Erin- said...

Those look delicious! I might have to try the recipe out cause cheesecake is my favorite!

Jaime Williams said...

I totally agree they look delicious. I would have eaten way too many before getting them to the showers!!