ulcer 2009

Well we did it! The ulcer was amazing. I had such an awesome time. I got a flat on mile 6 which was definitely a little discouraging and added to my time, and we dealt with some insane wind on the back of the lake. But no complaining here. I really loved riding in groups and talking to other bikers, plus I usually don't get competitive with biking but I sure did with this. I love that feeling. I plan on signing up for this year after year. Finishing the 111 miles was such an awesome feeling! As you can see I was pumped crossing the finish line.
Here are the three of us, my mom(yes she's over 50 and amazing), sadie, and me.


jessica said...

This is amazing and so motivational! I bet you've got a toned little body after training and riding that far!

Blake & La-Shana Francom said...

Jan...you're amazing...hands down!!! Did Nate tell you he lost in mini golf on Friday? Pretty funny! :) It was good to see you guys! :D

Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Holy cow! That is amazing! Congrats on finishing!