Nate and I were lucky enough to go on vacation with his family. We stayed in Lake tahoe and grass valley and took a day trip to San fran. It was a lot of fun and we were doing things non-stop. I have to say my highlight of the trip was being able to see the kids I nannied. After spending a year of my life with them I still think about them all the time and really just love the family.
The fam at my favorite lookout spot
Nate and I at tahoe
Me, Noah, and Chrissy at tahoe


Wyatt&Keelie said...

I bet you guys had a blast! I'm so jealous that you didn't invite me :)

Blake & La-Shana Francom said...

So we didn't know for sure if you guys went to San Fran so we didn't know if we should have headed up that way...ha...anyways looked like alot of fun! Now back to school...