This is me and my sis-in law Jackie. We went to the jazz game with the hubby's. Lots of fun!

Nate and I at the Fahey's.
During our trip in Cali we were able to stop at the Fahey's on the way to the airport. I was their nanny 2 1/2 years ago, which is just crazy. The kids are so much bigger but they are still the sweetest, cutest kids. I definitely woke up Monday morning wishing I could be their nanny again. Too bad we live in different states.
I bought Nate plane tickets to cali for Christmas and here is the main reason: Pebble Beach. He loves to golf and I think any golfer's dream is to golf at pebble. It costs around $500 to golf 18. Nate's best friend Blake lives in Salinas and his wife LaShana works at Pebble and so they were able to golf for free. I think they had a great time.
We were also able to watch Blake hoop it up and then go out to dinner with his teammates. It was a great trip. We wished Blake and LaShana lived back in ut!

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The Ahlins said...

Pebble beach! my dad just got back from there. Well I bet you had a nice little trip!