Thanks Erin for the Tag!
Tag 8 Things:

8 T.V. Shows I like to Watch
1- The Hills
2- What Not To Wear
3- Made
4- Jazz Games
5- NBA Games
6- College Football
7- Sex in the City
8- Amazing Race

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
1- Went to School
2- Picked up Nate twice, dang car problems
3- Hung out with my momma
4- Went to Jr. High Girls Basketball Practice
5- Ran some ladders with the girls and about killed myself. ha
6- Went to the BYU Girls Soccer Game, NCAA tourney, they won!
7- Watched Mean Girls, gotta love that movie
8- Went to bed with my honey

8 Places I like to Eat
1- My Parent's, my mom is the greatest cook ever!
2- My house, I'm the second best cook. ha jk
3- Training Table..cheese fries
4- Ruby River Steakhouse
5- Mcdonalds, double cheese and a hot fudge sunday =$2 of deliciousness!
6- Taco Amigo
7- The Fahey's-Steve makes the best steak!!mm
8- The Quist Family(s) on Sundays

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1- Finishing school
2- Nate finishing school
3- The Holidays
4- The weekend
5- Having kiddies!
6- New Bond movie and Twilight
7- Seeing my family that live out of state
8- Hanging out with Nate tonight and playing my piano

8 Things on My Wish List:
1- That it was summer
2- That I could go to Lake Powell
3- Be done with school
4- That my brothers and their families lived closer
5- That we had money for a house and other things
6- I can't think of anymore

8 People to Tag:
Whoever wants too

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Lisa said...

Are you coaching Jr. High B-ball?