My Hubby

So I saw Savannah and Megan do this tag and I thought it would be fun because I liked reading their posts.

#1 Where did you meet your husband?
I met him when I was a sophomore in high school and my friend Malory was dating Nate's best friend and I thought hey he's cute, and then me and Mal thought hey we can all hang out more if I like him. ha What a great set up!

#2 How long did you date before you were married?
Let's see 1 1/2 yrs. before the mish and 8 months after.

#3 How long have you been married?
8 1/2 months.! It's gone by so fast.

#4 What does he do that suprises you?
He gives me back and foot massages just because, and he hasn't even stopped now that we're married. (I was always told he would)!

#5 What is your favorite feature of his?
I love his tan skin and his big brown eyes that make me melt. Trying to not get too graphic, I love his pecs and his beautiful 6-pack. Ah He is a work of art, and all mine. He's gonna hate me for this one, good thing he doesn't get on the computer and thinks blogging is silly. ha!

#6 What is your favorite quality?
Well a few different qualities: he is so honest, a gentleman, kind, humble, great humor, and I love how he can make me feel better about anything.

#7 Does he have any nicknames for you? Babe, baby, sweetie, sugar

#8 What is his favorite food?
That would have to be everything I cook. ha He just told me he doesn't have one. He will pretty much eat anything on the table. I make dinners that serve 6-8 and there is always just enough left for his lunch tomorrow! He eats so much!

#9 What is his favorite sport?
What isn't his favorite sport? ha Sports are on at our house almost 24/7! He loves, loves football, college and NFL. He loves baseball, he loves golf, and I would say he likes basketball.

#10 When and where did you first kiss?
He kissed me the third time we hung out, it was actually New Years Eve. ha So romantic. And it gets even better, it took place in Blake Francom's family room and me and Malory couldn't stop laughing. Ah it was terrible. It's safe to say it got much much better from there on out.

#11 What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
I just love hanging out with him every night and doing nothing. I also love when he helps me around the house, retarded I know but it's so nice. I also love going on road trips and vacations. I love when we get talking about something while lying in bed at night and it's like the conversation could never end. It's the simple things.

#12 Do you have any kids?
Sometimes I wish, (as do my in-laws) ha but no, someday

#13 Does he have any hidden talents?
Many, but I'll keep them hidden. ha

#14 How old is he?

#15 Who said "I love you" first?
He did, in high school and we broke up right after because my dad didn't want me to have a boyfriend. ha Oh the dramatics of high school.

#16 Whats his favorite music?
He likes older stuff, I don't even know what to tell you. Billy Joel, John Lennon...

#17 What do you admire most about him?
His wonderful testimony and faith. I also love that he is so hardworking and motivated. I know that he will always do everything he can to support our family.

#18 What is his favorite past time?
Watching sports..ha He likes to spend time with me and our families.

#19 Will he read this?
I doubt it, as I mentioned before he isn't too into the computer and I don't think he even knows our blog name. ha

#20 Who do you tag?
Sadie, Lisa, JACLYN(do it), Sam & Carly


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

That was fun to read! I love your wedding pic! You look gorgeous!

Megan and Jason said...

I agree it was fun to read! you make me laugh! and you guys look so cute together..dont you just love being married?

Megan and Jason said...

Thanks for the Idea! I was actually thinking about that because thats what we did for are honeymoon.

Megan and Jason said...

It looks like fun, I looked it up on the internet and I think thats what we might do..on are honeymoon we stayed in midway at the homestead and went snowboarding that was alot of fun but I think somewhere different would be nice...even if it is expensive its are first anniversary we have to remember it right?