Powell Trip

We went on our last Powell trip of the year. It was so nice! The weather was 80 degrees so I was loving it compared to the cold weather up at home. I couldn't convince the husband to come but I still had lots of fun hanging out with those family that could come.
Jackie, Jade, and Chuck cruisin on the cruiser.
Mom and baby Anders. Anders was the only baby to come on the trip so it was nice and quiet but I did miss my other nephews.

We went up West Canyon and found the coolest hike. We hiked for two hours, it was pretty sweet.
This was the sunrise outside of my bedroom window, it never gets old at powell.
We got a new tube, it is so much fun.
There is the four of us. And John!! He came home from his mission about two weeks ago. I'll have to post some pics of that.

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Justin & Jaclyn said...

Oh so fun! The greatest place on earth! Ha Ha. Fun pictures Fur. ;)
Luv ya!