My mom and I went on a 24 mile bike ride last night on the Provo River Trail. It was so much fun! We went a little too late and so by the time we got home it was totally dark. The best part was in the canyon. The fall leaves are all out and are so pretty and the air was nice and brisk. I forgot to take a pic of us in our biking gear. We are planning on going tomorrow out by utah lake so maybe i'll take a pic then. Yay..


The Davis Family said...

Jan! Im so glad oyu left me a comment! How the heck are you doing!? I love blogs to keep in touch!! You guys look good!

Chelsie said...

Hey I found your blog. How exciting! How are you two doing? How is school?

Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Hey! Glad you have a blog too! How can it be that we have still not played tennis together lol?