Law School Graduation-May 2015

 Just hanging with our buddies one last time. (insert tears)
 Strawberry picking with our families
 E and papa finding the best ones.
she ate so many!
 Getting his diploma.
 All our family that came. 
 So proud of Nate. He worked so hard to get in to such a great school. He then worked hard in law school. It was definitely not easy! The past 3 years hold so many treasured memories and friends. Virginia will always hold a special place in my heart. I cannot say enough good things about it and will always look back with fondness at this special time of life.
 His best buds.
 Some of our "treasured friends."

 Thanks brett for telling an awful joke! I love these 3 girls so much!
And, we couldn't have done these past 3 years without the support of our wonderful family. 

On to new adventures!...Farewell Virginia!

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