lake powell

 driving the houseboat with papa

 lake powell is my heaven on earth.

 this is how hard the kids played. every time we got in the boat, they were out. we would go on boat rides if we needed our kids to take a nap.
 she played with the buckets of water for hours everyday. 

 see why i love it?!!

 silly girls
 dancing with garrison

 grandma's bday was at lake powell.  we had a piñata, went on a family hike, went water skiing, fireworks, sparklers, and treats. 

 she played so hard she fell asleep at lunch. ha
 goodness she's cute.

 niece and nephews
 elin loved the waverunner. every morning after breakfast, we would go on a long ride. 

lake powell was amazing this year. i hadn't been in a few years so i really appreciated being able to go. nate wasn't able to go since he had work. even though the ac went out, we still had a blast and time and time again this proves to be my favorite vacation!

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Nick, Alex, & Nixon said...

Your swimming suit!! I LOVE it!