18 months

my girl is officially 18 months which definitely calls for an update! i think it's fun to write these things down before i forget what she is doing. she is at such a fun age.

-most common words: dada, mama, hot, dog, duck, socks, shoes, hair, eye, teeth, cheese, ball, choo-choo, yeah, papa, toes, show and juice.
-drives a car and makes the sounds, it's hilarious. she also makes the owl and monkey sounds.
-she points at my facial features multiple times a day to hear what they are. then i ask her where they are on her face and she points to them. she even does eyebrows and eyelashes.
-loves to read books. she also likes to point at everything in her book and hear what everything is.
-the girl is obsessed with animals in every form. she gets so excited when she sees a dog.
-she has always been and continues to be a fantastic eater. her favorite foods are: fruit of any kind, eggs, roasted broccoli, and green smoothies.
-loves to brush her teeth.
-loves being outside. we can't stay home all day or it ends up being a rough one. ha
-great sleeper. sleeps 11-12 hrs a day and naps 2-3 hrs in the afternoon.
-throws the worst tantrums!
-loves older kids. she wants so badly to be big with them.
-still very petite. she is in the 6th % for height at 30.5 inches and 11th % for weight at 19.8 lbs. it definitely doesn't slow her down though.
-loves the beach and swimming so much.

this little spitfire can be crazy defiant and stubborn.  she has a very strong personality. but on the flip side, she can also be the sweetest and nicest thing. gosh i love this girl. i am the luckiest mama.

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