big update

i'm not sure why i took a blogging break this summer but i want to get everything caught up.  i figured i'll just put everything important or that i can think of into one big post. we moved from virginia to las vegas for the summer.  nate is interning at a law firm. we have also made lots of trips to utah and had quite a few visitors.

 nate's 28th b-day.  we could not get a good pic. we went to bachi burger and coldstone plus a lot of my fam was in town so that was fun.
 family selfie
 these girls are so cute together
 this is in may before we left our beloved virginia

 e's 1st bday bash. poor girl had an ear infection and wasn't too happy.

 who knew backyard's were so amazing.  we have spent so much time in my brother's backyard this summer.  luckily they only live 10 minutes away and we love being with them.
 father's day
 this girl loves the water
 e and my grammy
 cutest girl at high school graduation
 so proud of noah. he is such a great kid!
 e and papa at noah's mission call opening. he is going to taiwan!
 fun friends with the cutest kiddos for a little pool party
 sour popsicles!
 she's obsessed with this car
 eating a peach
 she's obsessed with this car also.  summer living.
 dipping her fries in the ketchup
 loving karen's expression. ha
 hoover dam
 this girl cracks me up

 playing with cousin jane
 the whole quist family at will's wedding.
 snuggling my new niece scarlett. 
 we go to petsmart every once in a while. e is obsessed with animals.
 this girl is growing up.  love her kicks.
 one of the most amazing nights. celine is unreal. even if you don't like her music, her voice is just insane. i love her music, so it was a really wonderful night with my mom.
wet n' wild water park is on constant rotation.

we are having such a great summer.  these pics catch me up until the beginning of july. i'll post the rest of the summer soon.

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