august recap

wow i just can't catch up. here's august in pictures:
went to a beautiful wedding, nate's little sis taylor. i still can't believe she is old enough to be married. i've known this girl since she was 10 yrs. old. i'll have to post more pics when they get them.
 E with auntie tay
 utah has some of the best sunsets ever. i just can't get enough.
 we left august 9th to drive across the country.  we made it to virginia on the 12th around 2:00 pm. it was a pretty long drive but E did amazing. she seriously was so good. but can i say i was so done with the pump after this trip. people that exclusively pump are super dedicated. we are so happy to be back in virginia! 
and can you see why!? it is beautiful everywhere. this is our new backyard.
 falling asleep after hanging out with friends.
 this is when we first got to virginia and didn't have a bed yet so we slept on the couch and an air mattress. elin loves books already.
 this sweet girl turned 4 months old. i should be better at documenting at what she is doing. she rolls over both ways, sleeping through the night, has the cutest laugh, loves taking walks and being outside, just an overall good baby.
 she rarely falls asleep on me anymore so i have to document it.
 our new apartment is within walking distance to lots of businesses and stores so we love to get out and go on walks. i have the best job hanging with this girl everyday.
 we went to the byu vs. virginia game. talk about an awful game. at first we were in the student section grass-as seen above. awesome spot right? except that everyone stands up and is really loud when the game starts. so we left pretty soon after the game started. we were evacuated soon after because of lightning. let me tell you, that storm was crazy. we took cover in the science building across the street.
when we got back in we had seats on the 3rd row with our friends. they were amazing. during halftime the downpour started again. at that point we had been at the game for 5 hrs and had only seen 1/2. we decided we had put elin through enough and finished the game at home.

we are so happy to be back in virginia for the second year of school. nate is home a LOT more than last year and we are having a lot of fun!


Tiffany Kay Smith said...

Sounds like you guys are doing awesome! We need to FaceTime soon. Love ya!

Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

E is just gorgeous! I especially love the pic of her in her jean shirt with polka dot leggings, she is such a cutie!