meeting grandparents

I came to utah when E was 13 days old. we flew first class with my mom which was so nice. E was an angel, didn't make a peep. i fed her on the takeoff and once during the flight and the rest of the time she slept. nate's parents were very excited to meet elin. she is their first grandchild. i went over the next day and spent the evening with his family. 
 uncle josh
 uncle zac
auntie tay tay

grandpa (my dad)
 this day was so special. for years i've hoped i would have a baby that my grandparents would be alive to see. sounds awful but its true. they were so sweet with her. my dear grandma has made her so many blankets. they truly are the sweetest people. 
great grandma char -another special grandparent

elin is lucky to have 3 great grandparents still alive. she is so loved by all of the family.

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