Elin K Quist: A Birth Story

This is pretty long and quite detailed but I don't want to forget anything!

I had an  appointment on Thursday the 22nd, the day before my due date.  I was still dialated to a 2 and 50% effaced(I was the same at the last appointment).  Normally my doctor won't induce until 1-2 weeks after the due date but because Nate's law school finals were coming he said he would induce me on Tuesday the 23rd if I hadn't had her yet.  I went on lots of walks that weekend and Sunday and Monday I had some pretty strong contractions.  I thought I would go into labor but the contractions would not stay consistent. 
Right before I was induced. Yes I know, I was huge. 

So here came Tuesday and we checked in at 7:00 am.  At 7:50, they gave me cytotec.  It is a pill that softens the cervix.  They wanted to try that and see if it would start my labor, and then if it didn't, they would do pitocin.  At 9:15 am,  Nate left to school.  We figured I would be a while and he had a full day of classes so I told him to go.  My mom flew in on Monday so I had her there which was great. I could not have made it so far into labor without my mom. She was my rock.

My mom and I went and got breakfast and then walked the hospital until 11:50. I got checked at 1 pm and I was at a 4 and 90% effaced.  In my mind I had always wanted to make it to a 4 before I got my epidural but labor was pretty manageable so I decided to keep going.  The hospital I delivered in was 2 years old so it was so nice. In my bathroom I had a giant jacuzzi tub so at 1:15 I moved to the tub.  It was so amazing.  After that experience I think I could do a water birth.  Although the contractions were really starting to hurt at this point.  Nate came back at 2:00. I had asked for an epidural but there was someone ahead of me.  At 2:30 they gave me a drug to help me relax for the epidural. It basically just took the edge off of the contractions.  I was also at a 6 at that point.  At 4:00, they came in to give me my epidural.  I was then at a 7.  Got the epidural and it wasn't bad at all.  My doctor doesn't like to give a strong dose of the epidural so I could still feel my contractions and was able to move my legs. At 5:10 my water broke on its own.  That was a weird feeling. At 5:30 pm I was at an 8. I was ready to push at 7. Up until this point, I really didn't think labor was bad. In fact it was actually quite enjoyable. But that was all about to change.

I started pushing with Nate and the nurse helping me. The first hour is a blur. I couldn't feel much and so I don't think I was pushing very effectively.  The nurse also told me that she was still quite high.  At the 1 hr. mark they said that she was stuck against my pelvis and that I was going to have to push hard. I could feel when I would get a contraction and then I would push. I couldn't believe the intense pressure I felt while pushing.  In my mind I thought, oh I'll get an epidural and not feel anything.  Not the case for me.  I had moments where I thought it would never end and I was quite discouraged.  Pushing for 2 1/2 hours was by far the hardest thing I have ever done! Nate and my nurse saved me, they were both so encouraging and wonderful! At 9:34 pm, she was here! She was out to her chest and my doctor told me to reach down and pull her out.  I was a little out of it and she was pretty nasty but I grabbed one side of her and the doctor had her other side and we pulled her out.  It was such a neat experience to literally bring her into this world. They plopped her on my chest and Nate cut the cord.  In my phone I added a note shortly after she was born. "Swallowed a little meconium but was just fine. Apgar score was 8.  Did skin to skin shortly after birth for 2 hrs. So special. 12 am moved to room and was able to walk around. E went to nursery with daddy.  They came back a little before 2.  Babes is now sound asleep.  Best day ever."
Nate and E right after the birth.
E and I the next day.
The day we went home.

It truly was the best day ever. The love I have for this little girl is so special and something I've never felt before nor could I describe.  Those that are parents I'm sure can relate.  It is quite crazy to think we are parents but we are absolutely loving it!


Aubrey DeGraffenried said...

Congrats Jan, i'm glad she came & that everything is good!

jeff & mal said...

So sweet! She is a beautiful babe. I'm sure she already looks so different...post more pics!

Lyndsey said...

Hey! I had saved your blog on a bookmarked list and I just came across it! Yay! She is darling; so happy for you guys!

Lyndsey said...

Oh, it's Lyndsey Fagerlund-not sure how big the pic comes up so you could tell it was me. :)