dc temple; frankenstorm

i had the opportunity to go with my relief society to the dc temple a couple of weeks ago.  i rode up with friends and had such a fun time. our ward is so great! the temple was amazing.  it is definitely one of my favorites now.  i also couldn't believe how big it was.  it was so nice to just feel at peace and get the feeling you get being in the temple.  i really never appreciated being so close to a temple. we literally had the provo temple 10 minutes from our house.  now we are 2 1/2 hrs. away. it definitely makes a difference. so all of you with a temple close, go! i've never regretted going to the temple. i couldn't help taking a few pics, it really was so beautiful.

 group photo shot of all that came. 

well hurricane sandy came and went. we feel very blessed that the predictions for our area did not come true. we had wind and rain but nothing serious. the news had said power outages were very likely so we were stalked up on candles and flashlights but nothing came of it.  i'm not grateful the hurricane came because all of the damage and lives lost, but i did get two unexpected days off of work so that was nice. nate also didn't have school so we hung out a lot.  this cold, windy, rainy weather got me in the mood for homemade chicken noodle soup. i called my mom for a recipe for homemade noodles and we had a delicious meal tonight.
i also made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. i used the worlds easiest recipe.

1 spice cake mix box
8 oz. pumpkin
chocolate chips

preheat oven to 350 and bake for 12 minutes.

they were fabulous, you won't be disappointed if you make them.

happy halloween tomorrow!


Stephanie said...

So glad you guys were okay too. And please send me that soup recipe! Stephinawebb@gmail.com

jeff & mal said...

Glad you guys are okay! It was probably fun to spend more time with your hubby!

Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

That temple is very beautiful! Glad you guys were unharmed! It's so sad to hear about all the damage done :(