major catch up

you know when you haven't blogged for a long time and it sounds crappy to blog because you have so much to catch up on? that is how i feel right now. but i will try to wrap up the rest of the summer in this post.
you know i had to do it-kneeling pic from florida. we had family pics done with nate's fam, i'll have to put some up.
santaquin rodeo. such a fun night.
bad pic but nevertheless, it's here. these are our dear friends that we will miss tons! so many great times with them.
nate's friend chungki and his wife. it will be fun to have them in the east soon.
cute scottie and i at the spanish fork rodeo
bells posing at bowling
baby elle, so cute
we had a fun night with my fam before we headed out. good ol granny and bud
we might lack in the picture department but i love these girls so much. not only my cousins but some of my best friends. i will miss our mostly monthly dinners at our fav spots. thank goodness for facetime.

sorry i have been such a lousy commenter, life has been nothing but chaotic. we are finally starting to feel settled here in virginia. our bedroom still looks like a tornado came through but hopefully i will get to it soon. can't believe our wonderful summer is over but i'm excited for a new season and of course the holidays, since i already miss our family's terribly. :) hope everyone is doing great!


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Lots of cute pics! I'm glad you guys are settling down in your new place. Can't wait to see pics of it! Good luck!!!

Tiffany Kay Smith said...

Aw that last pic makes me wanna cry! I miss you! Do you have your Christmas flights booked yet? We need to plan a girls night!