break time

so this week has been my spring break. let me tell you, as a teacher, those are heaven sent! i love my kids, but was ready for a much needed break. i headed down to vegas monday and spent most of the week with some of my favorite people. i met my sweet new niece brielle.cute bells was in need of some attention, which i had lots of fun giving. we had a great day doing all of her favorite things. she is a hoot. all together now. and a trip to vegas would not be complete without hanging out with my favorite twins. i stayed with my brother's fam. he has 5 boys and i have a blast with them. we spent our days on the tramp, watching movies, eating, enjoying the beautiful warm weather, reading bed time stories, and so much more.

have i mentioned nate graduates next week, and i graduate the next?! life is zooming people, but we love it.


Stephanie said...

Wow congrats to you guys on Graduating and all your next BIG steps in life! It will be so fun to see where you go and do next!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you both are graduating so soon! Congrats! Time really flies!

The Roots said...

Congrats on graduating!! You are so right, breaks for teachers are heaven sent! I too love my kids but it is extremely nice to have a break! Good luck wit things :)