i kept meaning to make a post for thanksgiving but it got away from me. i still need to document my feelings of thankfulness, because i am feeling so grateful for all that i have. (pic taken at temple square with nate's best bud.)
  • i am so thankful for my hub! he is such a hard worker. side note:it is definitely paying off, we have heard back from 3 law schools so far. it is exciting and fun that our future is completely up in the air!
  • my job. my kids are amazing, i really feel so blessed to be able to be with them everyday and teach them. (i do have a few new stories i will have to document soon, hilarious.) i love my job.
  • christmas season. i love this time of year. our house is decorated. we were able to go the first presidency's message in salt lake and it was wonderful.
  • the gospel. there are so many aspects i am thankful for right now. my heavenly father and mother, my brother and savior jesus christ, prayer, scriptures, and the spirit. i am a better person because of my testimony. i really can't put into words how thankful i am for it.
  • my health. from a year ago, i have come so far.
  • my family. i love both sides, so much.
  • this race. i needed something to motivate me and i found it. how much fun does this look? i am so excited.
  • our country. it is a privilege to say the pledge of allegiance everyday, i love this country.
there are so many other little things that i am thankful for. stop and think of everything you are thankful for, we really have so much. hope you all enjoy the holiday season!!


Jordan and Leslie said...

That race looks like so much fun!!

jeff & mal said...

Sweet post and that race looks fun. What schools?? You better keep us posted on what you decide!

Blake and La-Shana Francom said...

Jan! We miss you guys! We will be home for 6 days over Christmas!! Lets get together okay? OKAY!! :) Glad to hear everything is going so great!

McKell said...

ha the race looks fun. have you heard of the Spartan Races? (http://www.spartanrace.com/) I would die because I am a big baby but I am sure you are hard core enough for them!!

Jannifer said...

Mal: so far, UCLA, Baylor, and W & L.
L-Shay: Can't wait, it has been WAY too long!!
McKell: I will definitely check them out. Thanks! ha