scenes from the weekend

this doesn't even begin to show the beauty of this temple. it had some of the prettiest (if not the prettiest i've ever seen), temple grounds. nate looked dashing as part of the wedding group. portland was seriously so beautiful. we were so happy to be there to support some of our very best friends. saturday we spent the day exploring the city of portland. thoughts- we felt like "normal" people were the minority haha, dirty, and yet beautiful all at the same time. I didn't know there were rivers all over and it is so green, my camera doesn't do justice for the scenery. we had a great time at a famous bookstore, explored their saturday market on the water, and walked to our hearts content. we really had a great trip...until next time.


jeff & mal said...

What a fun trip and great pics...you guys look great! I think a trip to the Northeast sounds amazing!

jeff & mal said...

**Northwest :)

Tisa said...

I love to go see other Temple's how fun! Great picture of you and Nate!