i decided to blog so i don't have to do homework...school is draining me right now, i hate summer school! i completely forgot to blog about this. hallie's blessing, such a precious little girl. we always have such a great time with our families. nate & anders= best buds if you haven't yet checked this out (pinterest), you really should. when i first saw it i thought, ah another place for me to waste my time, i really don't need that. but i really like it, it's quite fun to keep inspiration i see on the web in one place. although yes, it is still a time waster. if you decide you like it, make sure you follow me here. oh and while you are at it, please go here and tell me what you think. I am seriously considering the "chop the hair off, again." leave your honest opinion in the comments. thanks friends!

hope everyone is having a great week!


Blake and La-Shana Francom said...

I kinda like the last cut you had better but you can pull off short hair so I bet it will look good!

Stephen & Aubree said...

Umm love the swim suit, want the bed as well, and you look awesome no matter what so I say if you want to do it then cut it! :)