sunless tan

so i tried out my first sunless tan. i had uploaded before and after pics but i took the after pics too late and so you couldn't really tell a difference.  anyways, i had a free coupon for a sunless tan and i thought hey why not.  for some reason i envisioned a person spraying it on me, but no it was a machine. it was kind of gross. i don't think i would do it again, i literally had chemicals being sprayed on my body. and everytime i would shower i could smell the chemicals. it was fun to be tan for a few days though! have any of you ever done the spray tan? (maybe i went to the wrong place). and is it just me, but the older i get the more i worry about my skin and am cautious about the sun and the effect it has on my skin? although at the same time i just want my good ol' tan!


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

I have never tried it! I am too worried about looking like Snookie lol!

Stephen & Aubree said...

Ha I went there to get a spray on tan for my brothers wedding. I definitely wasn't expecting the machine. I thought I was going to pass out because I didn't breathe the entire time I was in there. It was overwhelming all the chemicals coming at your face haha! But I feel the same way you do. I just wish I could find a place that has people spraying it on you..maybe it would be a better experience.