Day 12-16

Wow I got behind again.
12- Something OCD about: Germs(washing hands), locking our apartment, bed made.
13- Favorite Outfit: I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl all the way, although I love my workout clothes(weird I know but they are cute) and I like to dress up.
14-Favorite Shoes: It is hard to pick favorites. I really love shoes. But here are 5 that I wear the most often right now minus my running shoes but I love them too. 15- Dream House:
How about an apartment in New York City.. or a beautiful home surrounded by nature... or a sweet pad by the beach... let's be honest though, any where with this view every morning and I'm there.16- Song that makes you cry or nearly cry:
This is really hard because I don't cry too often, but there a few Christmas songs that I just love and sometimes I get emotional. Some days when I am a crier, a lot of songs can do it though.


Anonymous said...

Looks like my kind of houses!

Emz said...

ohhhh these photos make me want to go out and buy a lotto ticket.

Love the house!!