losing/winning game

So yesterday I get a phone call from my dad asking if I would like to go to the jazz game, 17th row, center court. Of course I say yes! I had to break the bad news to nate (there were only 4 tickets), he thought we should have flipped a coin and didn't think it was fair I automatically got to go. It was pretty funny. Here is us before the game, of course we were way excited because it was the final game of the year and a huge game. If the jazz win, they are 2nd or 3rd place with homecourt advantage, if they lose, 5th place no homecourt advantage. The jazz came out pretty strong considering they only had 3 of their 5 starters but the second quarter killed them. It ended up being a blowout and we left with over 6 minutes in the 4th. So the jazz will be playing Denver in the playoffs and I think if they are healthy they can beat them but I also think Carmelo could go crazy on them. If you can't tell I'm a huge jazz fan. Half-time was pretty neat, they did a spotlight on Larry H. Miller, hung a jersey and also are renaming the court the Larry H. Miller court. All in all it was still a fun night, even though I should have been studying for a huge test that now I'm stressing over. haha


Daniel and Savannah Jensen said...

Dan and I thought about getting tickets to the game and didn't. We watched it at home, and I was so pissed all game lol! The half time show was really neat though.

jeff & mal said...

That's so funny Jan. My work got a box a few weeks ago and Jeff was SUPER bummed spouses weren't invited. That sounds like fun though! Jaxon looks so old now!