t r i

Ya that's right, I'm signed up for a triathlon. I have been training for over 2 months now and it has been really fun. I still don't feel ready but I have a few more weeks. I've always been nervous to sign up for one because I worried about the swimming but I am really excited now that I have been training. The distances seem short, but put the 3 together and it is tough!
Swim-first pool triathlon8-lane 50 meter Olympic pool

All pics from ustrisports.com


jeff & mal said...

That's so exciting Jan! I'm sure you'll do great, and plus now you're in great shape! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

jessica said...

This is so exciting! I always thought maybe I would want to do this, but the swimming scared me! Maybe someday! Good luck!

♥ Nick & Alex ♥ said...

Thats awesome Jan! My brothers and parents have done a few. I've always wanted to, but i guess i'm too chicken. And now i'm just to dang out of shape! Good Luck! I'm sure you'll do awesome!