Thanksgiving...Bridal Shower

We had my cousin Jessica's bridal shower and had lots of fun. Nate's extended family is really fun to be with! Me and Liz, I've loved this girl ever since me and Nate started dating so many years ago. Love these hot high school girls!
Thanksgiving was wonderful. I had such a fun time with my family. We stayed up til 2 & 3 o clock every night. We crammed in many fun, fun times, and of course lots of food and games. Can't wait for Christmas! Here's my dad and sweet little niece. Nate and I Thanksgiving night.


Butler Family said...

Looks like your busy too, hope finals went good for ya.BTY, nates hand look suspicious on your belly like that, something I should know...? ;)

Nate & Jan said...

Ya it is a very busy time of the year! Definitely not something you should know! haha