Life as we know it...

So I decided most people don't blog about the tough times going on in their life, we mostly just keep it happy go lucky. If only life was always that way. I don't think I'm necessarily the one to break the mold and talk about the tough times because really we are so blessed even in the toughest of times.

Some things that have been happening...
School and work continue to rule my life.
The cougs got destroyed, last time I take up a whole post on them. ha
The fam is all starting to get web cams and it is quite fun, especially since I now only live in the same state with one out of my five siblings.
Fall is in the air.. almost was sad to say goodbye to summer but it's time to move on.
Loving all the football, for some reason I am quite smitten with it this season.
We also changed wards which we are very excited about but pretty sad at the same time to say goodbye to those cute little nursery kids.
Sure do miss riding my bike and looking forward to a race.

Anyways that's about it, hope everyone is well.


Blake & La-Shana Francom said...

Ifeel ya Jan...minus the school part for me but Blake goes to school long enough for the both of us! :) But it's true...in the toughest times we are blessed! :] Hope you guys are doing great!! We miss you!

Colt 'n Tami said...

How flippin CUTE are you two! Wahooo, so glad you found my blogeroo. Email me and I'll add you to our family blog me. colt. our dog Roxi :) Yes, things are great in our neck of the woods. We're really liking Idaho. We should have a party around Turkey Day when Jade, Jacky and the babe are up! I can't wait to see their babe! How the heck are you love birdies?