i'm going to the market

do any of you go here? i absolutely love it. most people say it cost more to eat healthy but they really have awesome prices! everyone should definitely check it out.

by the way, powell was great as always. a few things i did: swam a lot, played with the nephews, ate food, played games, and relaxed every minute.

other news, my bro-in-law that has been pretty much absent(mission) since i joined the quist family is coming home friday from brazil. Should be fun.


jessica said...

I LOVE Sunflower Market! The produce is so good and quite cheap!

Matt,Jamie, and Morgan said...

That's awesome to hear that Josh is coming home.... Jordan is waiting for his mission call and we are hoping that is comes this week.

Sorry we aren't going to make it out to Utah again this summer. Just too much for all of us to travel again.

Butler Family said...

where's the pic's of powell? im jealous