Mexico Pics

This is in Mazatlan, it was so dirty and ugh. But we had a fun driver that took us on a drive around the poor part. Cabo...on a boat to go snorkeling.

The famous pic from Cabo San Lucas. We loved Cabo, the snorkeling was great! Headed to dinner on a formal night.

At our nightly shows..we loved these. Except for one night, funny story kind of. So Nate loved to be up close and we went a half hour early for this comedian and sat in the front row. There was our first mistake. So the show starts and the comedian( I don't remember his name) gets out his flashlight and starts going through the crowd looking for people. I was like oh no Nate. Basically his whole show was to make fun of people. So he gets to us and he asked Nate how old he was, Nate said 21, then he said,"Wait a minute who's this next to you, and Nate said this is my wife. The guy goes off, What! you're married are you insane. Who gets married at 21!" Then he asked me how old I was and I said 20. He said," You're kidding me right, you can't even drink." (as if I would anyways. ha) So then he continues to go on and the worst part is that we couldn't say anything and defend ourselves. I felt like a complete idiot I wanted to leave. So this was a family show. The next night at like 11:00 pm he was doing an adults only. He told us to come there so he could talk to us some more and he would be looking for us. Obviously we didn't go, but some friends on the ship said he was looking for us with his flashlight. ha

Again in Mazatlan.

So another story at a nightly show. It was a married game show and we got picked as the newlyweds. There was also an in the middle married couple and an older married couple. The men left first and we had to answer questions about them, then they came back and they answered the questions also. Then the same things happened with the girls. We won!! It was pretty sweet. We won a bottle of champagne and these sweet travel bags. We gave the champagne away to the older married couple, it was their anniversary. It was a fun time.

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Justin & Jaclyn said...

Love it! so when did you guys go on your cruise? i wanna go on one again so bad. we wanna go to the carribean! ;) luv ya